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Stryker Prime Electric Trolleys to tackle efficiency problems

2022-03-07 0

As an industry leader in patient handling equipment, Stryker is determined to develop innovative solutions that address issues surrounding hospital efficiency. Stryker designs and manufactures advanced patient care and handling equipment for the global healthcare sector.

The demands on healthcare professionals have never been greater—heavier patients, longer transports, demanding patients, and an expectation to perform with fewer hands on deck. You are forced to do more with less.

At the same time, hospitals are now under increasing pressure to improve efficiency and capitalise on cost- and time-saving activities.

Stryker has the Prime Solution to help you address these needs. Our Prime Series Stretchers are designed to ensure your safety and efficiency while enhancing the patient experience. Prime is BackSmart. It can be instrumental in reducing caregiver injuries during patient care.

Applying advanced engineering practices alongside biomechanical science, Stryker developed Electric options for the Stryker Prime Series trolleys. Experience the electric option on the Stryker Prime Stretcher with powered lift, knee gatch and backrest. Even when electric controls are not used, Stryker BackSmart design makes manual adjustments easy for a seamless transition between electric and manual modes.

With the electric comfort controls, patients can control their own comfort instead of calling for assistance and repositioning. Controls are staggered so that the patient can access them in any position, and they include a patient lock-out. Optional foot-end nursing controls allow caregivers to improve patient comfort with the touch of a button.

Additionally, our electric stretchers offer an electric lift base option, which allows you to electrically adjust the height of the stretcher. This option helps the caregivers to electrically raise the stretcher to a working height that is most comfortable while bending or reaching to access controls is minimized. Switches and releases require low force and are easy to operate.

The quiet and smooth motions are intended to result in more comfort for the patient. The electric Backrest, knee gatch and patient controls are designed to virtually eliminate the effort and strain when transporting and adjusting the patient and help make the caregivers’ common repositioning tasks less stressful and time-consuming.