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Customisable to fit your needs.

SV2 is a feature-rich, value-driven bed that includes electronic controls with convenient, one-touch button positioning for both you and your patients, a low bed indicator, mobile headboard, optional fifth-wheel, optional under-bed lighting and much more.

SV2 hospital bed

At Stryker, creating a hospital bed like our SV2 takes collaboration. By working together with medical professionals like you all over the world, we are delivering a high-quality bed you can customise to your specific needs.

Low bed indicator

Clearly indicates to caregiver when the SV2 is in its lowest position, helping to reduce the risk of patient injury from falls.

Fifth wheel mobility

Enhances maneuverability, helping to reduce the risk of caregiver back injuries.

Smart egress

One-touch button brings bed surface to its easiest exiting height, helping to reduce the risk of patient falls.

Mobile headboard

More ergonomic positioning for caregivers, and enhanced patient benefits in all bed positions: patient protection; unobstructed use of IV pole; maintains nurse-adjusted distance of lifting pole.

Double regression

Allows backrest and knee-gatch regression to help reduce both sacral pressure and displacement of the patient.

Fold-down siderails

Simplifies patient exiting, enhances patient safety by fully covering and minimizing entrapment gaps, and ease of use for caregivers who can tuck away the siderails with only one hand.