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Hospital Bed Eight Function Electric Hospital ICU/CCU Bed With Weighing Scale

Yongfa Medical PRC

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Product Description

Main features:

Steel frame with electrophoresis and powder coating
MS perforated platform with ventilation hole, moulded
Steering function to manipulate the bed by one person
HDPE plastic head/foot board, detachable with storage box
HDPE plastic tuck-away side rail, 4 pieces, with bed angle indicator
Four sides Embedded railing control with nurse lock
Heavy duty caster, dual sides with diameter of 125mm & Central brake system
Bumper caster on four corners
Hand remote wired Controller
I.V. pole
Urine bag hook
Battery backup

Weighing function:

The bottom frame is equipped with a weighing sensor
Which displays the weighing data in real time through the nurse controller LCD screen Pad

Alarm function:

When the patient leaves the bed, the buzzer sounds the alarm until the alarm is clear.

Rehabilitation function:

Timing left or right bed tilt, interval time and cycle times can be set freely
Timed leg board lift, interval time and cycle times can be set freely

Backrest 30° stop function:

Operate the backrest up (down). When the angle between the backplane and the horizontal plane is 30°, the backrest automatically stops; release the button and press the button again, the backsection will continue to rise (down)

Backrest buffer function:

Dampers are installed on both sides of the back to provide cushioning for the fall of the backplane when manual CPR is used