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A Simple Portable Floating Folding Stretcher

2022-09-16 HeRui 0

In the landing operation of crossing the sea, the treatment of wounded and sick people on the beach is a problem. The depth of the water in the beach is generally 1.3 to 2.5 m, or even deeper. It is usually necessary to transport the wounded with floating medical equipment. At present, the most used transport tools for the troops are stretchers and do not have floating functions. In order to solve the problem of transshipment of injured people on the beach, the author modified the existing stretcher to make a simple portable floating folding stretcher.

1 materials and production indicators

1.1 Materials Hard stainless steel tube: 2.5 cm in diameter, 55 cm in length, 2 pieces; 2.2 cm in diameter, 55 cm in length, 4 pieces; 1.8 cm in diameter, 55 cm in length, 4 pieces. 4 telescopic ferrules (small size), 4 lower water pipe clamps (small number), 8 sets of buckles, and 4 individual lifebuoys.

1.2 Production indicators The outline structure is shown in Figure 1.

1.3 Method of manufacture (1) Weld the telescopic ferrule to the lower pipe clamp at 90° and then fix it in the middle of the stretcher. (2) The stainless steel tubes are sized to each other, and the required length is adjusted according to actual needs. The principle is the same as that of the automatic umbrella shrink rod. (3) Put the stainless steel pipe in the retractable ferrule separately, and fix the individual lifebuoy with the buckle at both ends, then turn the stretcher over and use it.

2 How to use

The simple portable floating folding stretcher and accessories are taken out from the suitcase and unfolded in the left and right directions, and then the lateral fastening struts at both ends of the stretcher are carried in the center direction to form a rectangular plane of 55 cm × 210 cm. The hard stainless steel tube is sleeved and fixed on the telescopic ferrule in a + shape, and then the individual lifebuoy is fastened with the buckle at both ends and the lateral fastening struts. After the fixing is completed, the stretcher can be turned over to float. The whole deployment process is simple and requires no special training. The whole process takes 2 people and can be completed in about 30 seconds. After use, remove and fold in reverse expansion order, and put it in the suitcase for later use.