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Powered Stair Chair Powered Stair Chair

Herui Medical PRC

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Product Description

It's an ideal device to help the disabled go up and down the stairs, only one trained person is needed on operation. It can be used for medical transport, emergency evacuations and daily assistance.

Light-weight, aluminum construction powder-coated frame.
Detachable and washable seat and back cushion.
Height adjustable lifting handles with molded hand grips reduce stress and provide better control for the operator.
Short handles behind the backrest and flexible lifting handles for easy carrying patients in narrow space.
With 4 pointed safety straps.
Can be use as a wheel chair on the ground.
Can be folded easily and put into trunk, easy storage.
Motor Choice: 24V 120W or 24V 200W.
Color available: yellow, red, green, white, gray, OEM color available.