Hospital bed



Hospital Beds

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Product Description

  • 4 motor
  • Electronic bedside, footrest, height settings
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Fowler, Vascular and Cardiac positions
  • Auto Contour adjustment
  • Patient evacuation position
  • 2 pcs functional guardrail OUTDOOR nurse control panel and 2 pcs functional guardrail INTERNAL patient control panel
  • Auto-CPR key
  • Trendelenburg, Cardiac, Examination, Vascular, Patient Evacuation positions can be adjusted with one button
  • Light system integrated in the nurse control panel (under-bed lighting)
  • Tread shift system
  • Special railing mechanism parts of the bed with aluminum injection material and special shock absorbers for protection against sudden ups and strokes hidden in the mechanism
  • On / off light indicator
  • 4-compartment, removable, easy to clean compact laminated mattress platform
  • Lowering the bed surface up to 36 cm provides patient safety as well as ease of use
  • Battery light indicator
  • Step adjustable footrest
  • Urine bag hooks on both sides
  • Serum hanger slots in four corners
  • Durable shear system
  • Protective plastic corner bumpers
  • Manual CPR on back
  • 360 swivel central lockable castors
  • Manual CPR and 2 manual CPR arms on right and left sides of the bed
  • 14,5cm automatic regression of the back of the bed
  • Knee of the bed 11,5cm automatic regression
  • 1 height adjustable serum rack with bed frame
  • X-RAY cassette holder with integrated backrest
  • Bed height min 34 cm max 77 cm (without mattress)
  • Metal parts electrostatic powder coating
  • Antistatic grounding and equipotential component for patient safety in bed
  • Angle gauge and potty hooks on back and foot railings on both sides of the bed